Happppieee New……..Meh

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I have been meaning to write about the end-of-the-break blues. But no time to do that. No time to complain either. I am dying. Dying with work I absolutely love doing.  If only there was more time.

More time. That is all I need. I am reading very new stuff after all.

See you around.


P.S. I experienced my first snowfall. Actualement, it was a blizzard, and I survived it quite well.

P.P.S All this ‘find something you love, and let it kill you’ bogger is rubbish. It truly is. I have found love in all that I am doing now (except this one course with numbers in it). And I can reliably inform you that there is no joy in this pain. None.

P.P.P.S: I don’t do crushes very well. No one does I reckon. I turn into a bumbling 17 year old who forgets English, messes up muscle movements, and occasionally charts new pathways just to avoid the person in question. I had forgotten about the girl I have a crush on. Almost completely. As I spent my winter break growing fat, my general nervousness and self-doubt had faded into obscurity. Till my friend reminded me last week. She still exists! And still looks as stunning as always. I dont think I will ever speak to her, that is assuming she doesn’t hate me already (because, you know, why not?).

Time to find even more circuitous ways to walk around campus.